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Do you wonder what type and size backpack you need for your dayhike/overnight jaunts? How about for longer trips of a few days, or for spending months on some of the longest trails in the world? Varying trip durations will require different choices of packs and equipment to optimize comfort, efficiency and safety.

Thanks to REI for the following infographic on How to Choose and Use a Backpack. Pay particular attention to the instructions on packing your cats. This information is unusually difficult find.

Toooo Much

Toooo Much -

Cats can be Sneaky

Cats can be Sneaky -

Canyon Hiker

Canyon Hiker -

Backpacks Infographic: How to Find the Right Backpack for You

To help find the Best Backpack For You try this great selection of quality backpacks – Click Here.

Here are two links giving much more detail on WHAT to pack: First and Second.
Also, don’t miss the video below on “How to Backpack Light”.

Caution: The following Amazon Backpacks may add significant BOUNCE to your step ;-)


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